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Talking to Your Senior Loved One About Falls

Sep 23, 2015 by Comfort Keepers San Diego

Talking to parents or other elderly loved ones about the risks of falling can be challenging. Even if they are aware of their increasing vulnerability, they may not want to discuss it. Conversations about aging and changing needs make some seniors pull away. If your loved one attempts to put an end to the discussion before it has had a chance to begin, persevere for the sake of their well-being and safety. Read Article

What to do if a Senior Refuses Care

Sep 15, 2015 by Anonymous

Providing in-home care to an older family member always requires adjustments. When considering the effect on our own schedules, budgets, and emotional well-being, we must not forget that it is a significant change for the senior receiving care as well. Offers of assistance that are meant in love and a desire to keep family members safe and healthy are sometimes refused out of a need for privacy, embarrassment, or plain stubbornness on the part of the one you are attempting to help. Read Article

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