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Homecare for the New Year in San Diego, CA

Jan 5, 2018 by Comfort Keepers

Traditionally, January is a time when Americans make New Year’s resolutions. Most resolutions focus on a person's health, financial well-being, and physical fitness. Others include family and friends in their plans; yet, one commonly overlooked resolution is initiating homecare for their senior loved ones. Consider these signs that your senior loved one may benefit from a New Year's resolution regarding Comfort Keepers in-home care services:

Signs Your Loved One May Need Homecare in San Diego, CA

1. Clutter or disorganization in the house. Chronic pain, loss of mobility, or other age-related issues often make it difficult for seniors to keep us with their housekeeping duties. Sadly, when a home is not well organized and clean, the risk of tripping or falling increases. Since senior falls are the leading cause of accident-related injury and death among senior and 75 percent of falls occur in the home, this is one area that should not be ignored.

2. Forgetfulness is the key indicator of early-stage dementia. Signs that your loved one may be having trouble with their memory include piles of laundry or dishes that are undone, stacks of unopened mail, frequently missed appointments or more obvious signs like forgetting names and faces. In addition to the frustration of memory challenges, forgetfulness can be very serious when connected to medication management, cooking, etc.

3. Personal hygiene is something that is just expected of adults. Yet, many common conditions make bathing, grooming, dressing, brushing teeth, and other daily tasks quite difficult. If you notice that your loved one is not presenting themselves as well as they once did, they may simply need a little homecare support.

4. Social isolation and loneliness are common among seniors, but it is not a normal part of aging. In fact, it is quite detrimental and robs seniors of a happy, high-quality life. If you notice that your senior loved one is avoiding socialization or has stopped participating in activities that once brought joy, then an in-home caregiver may be able to make a significant difference in their life.

In short, New Year's resolutions are quite common in America, but few of them amount to anything. This year, make a difference by considering homecare for a senior loved one who could benefit from a little care and support. 

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