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Find out more details about Comfort Keepers assisted living services in San Diego, CA and find out how we can help you

Are you looking for quality assisted living for a senior or loved one in the San Diego, CA community? Look no further! Comfort Keepers is here to provide the best in home care while also ensuring seniors remain active and engaged in their lives. In the Info Center above you will find a wealth of resources including articles and literature about our services, payment information, and a guide to beginning the conversation about health care.

One of the biggest differences between Comfort Keepers and other assisted living providers is our trademarked Interactive Caregiving service. Through this process we not only provide necessary physical care for seniors, but also focus on caring for the social and mental well being of the senior. This takes the form of a caregiver accompanying the senior to favorite local establishments, senior centers, or even just enjoying a stroll down memory lane in the comfort of the senior's own home.

Take the time to browse the links above to answer your questions about our assisted living services and Comfort Keepers in general. We would be more than happy to set up a consultation to evaluate what care needs your senior or loved one has. If you need more information, literature, or want to schedule a consultation call us at (888) 609-8997 or contact us with your question and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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