Nursing Home Vs. In Home Care Services In San Diego, CA

Learn more about what distinguishes care provided in a San Diego, CA nursing home from in home care services.

Surveys show that American seniors are fearful of nursing homes. Much of this fear can be attributed to old horror stories of substandard care coupled with terrifying Hollywood renditions of nursing homes. Of course, the inherent loss of autonomy that comes from moving into a care facility also plays a part in the stress and anxiety associated with a nursing home decision.

In reality, the vast majority of nursing homes are not bad places. In fact, millions of seniors receive great care at them every year, and seniors who require frequent, comprehensive medical support are often best cared for in a nursing home environment.

The In Home Care Difference

That said, despite potential challenges associated with aging in place, AARP surveys indicate that over 95 percent of seniors want to live and die in their own home. Thankfully, for most seniors, in home care services will easily meet their support requirements.

In home care services generally refer to non-medical services and supports provided to a senior at their place of residence in order to facilitate one or more daily living activities, such as housekeeping, laundry, meal preparation, running errands, or personal care (bathing, grooming, dressing, toileting, etc.). While these tasks may seem fairly mundane, they often present unique challenges for seniors who have lost mobility or dexterity with age. Many seniors only need a helping hand to remain comfortably at home.

While nursing homes are set up for senior safety, home care providers are able to help create a safe and efficient care environment as well. Prior to the start of service, caregivers will conduct a home-safety analysis and recommend any additions or changes to maximize the home's safety. Interestingly, in terms of viruses, bacteria, and infection, the home is actually a much safer environment than medical facilities.

When it comes to privacy and discreet services, there is no substitute for in home senior care. The same is true for the personalization of support. Nursing homes will certainly do their best to provide individual care, but unique and personally-tailored care designed to integrate physical assistance with social, emotional, and cognitive support is the strength of in-home care. When a caregiver comes to a senior's home, the senior is their sole focus; care is not dependent upon nursing rounds, another senior's needs, or a predetermined service schedule.

In short, there are times when a nursing home is the right solution for a senior's needs. More times than not, however, a senior can maintain their independence, freedom, and quality of life with quality in home care services. For more information, contact your local Comfort Keepers representative.

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