Homecare for Veterans in Pacific Beach, CA

Find out how veterans in Pacific Beach, CA can receive homecare benefits.

America's veterans served their country with pride. Comfort Keepers honors their service and sacrifice. While homecare can often be expensive, many veterans and their surviving spouses qualify for benefits from the Veterans Administration. Often, these benefits include in home care and support.

United States veterans who served at least 90 days of active duty with at least one day served during a period of war may qualify for in home care as part of their VA benefits. Other veterans may qualify based on their financial need or documented physical disability. In short, there are many reasons a veteran may qualify for VA support when it comes to in home care. Comfort Keepers can help them determine whether this is the case.

Pacific Beach Homecare for Veterans

From gathering and completing paperwork to presenting the completed application to the proper VA officer, Comfort Keepers staff will help veterans get the benefits they earned. This often entails finding discharge certificates, marriage and/or divorce papers, death certificates, social security paperwork, etc. It can also mean linking the senior to an organization that specializes in processing a veteran's paperwork and walking them through the application.

Veterans that qualify for assistance may receive homecare services that include housekeeping, meal preparation, and local transportation. Personal care services are also covered, including help with toileting, bathing, grooming, and dressing. Other supports may include respite care, hospital to home transition services, and end of life care. Based on a veteran's unique situation and needs, these services may be part or full-time.

If your senior loved one or their surviving spouse is a veteran who may require homecare support, contact a Comfort Keepers representative today, especially if they need help communicating with the VA to determine their eligibility for VA benefits. We will be glad to help your loved one directly or coordinate with an organization who can provide the assistance they need.

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