Respite Care in Mira Mesa, CA

Learn more about Comfort Keepers respite care and the positive impact it can have on family caregivers.

The primary focus of respite care is allowing a family caregiver to find and maintain a healthy life balance. Sadly, many family caregivers do not feel that they can afford to take time away from their caregiving duties to look after their physical or mental well-being. The result is typically one of gradual deterioration and eventual caregiver burnout.


The Benefits of Mira Mesa Respite Care

The good news is that when caregivers do take advantage of frequent respite breaks their instances of illness, depression, stress, anxiety, and discontentment drop significantly. With this in mind, let's take a look at a few of the benefits of Comfort Keepers respite care.

  • With Comfort Keepers, respite care can be provided in the comfort and convenience of your senior loved one's home. There is no need to transfer them to a nursing home or daycare facility. Caregivers come to you.
  • Comfort Keepers caregivers are extensively background checked, trained, insured, and bonded professionals. They bring extensive knowledge and skill that may not only benefit your loved one in your absence, but it may give you ideas for future care upon your return.
  • Care is tailored to your senior loved one's unique and specific needs and requirements.
  • There are no prerequisites for respite care. You can use the time off to play golf, see a movie, or simply sleep. Others may take care of their own medical appointments, seek counseling, or attend a support group. Some caregivers use weekly respite support to attend church services, while others take advantage of breaks to meet up with friends, attend other family member's activities, or even take a short vacation.


Studies consistently support the idea that caregivers who take care of themselves are physically and mentally able to provide better care for their loved ones than caregivers who allow themselves to become run down. Frequent respite breaks are the best way for caregivers to remain refreshed, and Comfort Keepers can help make these breaks a reality. If you are in need of a break, contact a Comfort Keepers senior care coordinator today. 

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