Nursing Home Vs. In Home Care

Learn more about what differentiates care in a nursing home from in home care.

When a senior who lives alone is discharged from the hospital or develops a condition that requires care and supervision, many seniors and their families consider a move to a nursing home. A nursing home provides seniors with medical care, personal care, and supervision. Unlike the communal dormitories of the past, today's nursing homes even offer private accommodations.

Comparing Care in a Nursing Home with In Home Care in Mira Mesa, CA

Despite the many positive aspects of a nursing home, the vast majority of seniors want to remain in their home. When they are released from the hospital, they want to return to their home. In fact, the AARP estimates that more than 95 percent of seniors do not want to leave their private residence. This is where in home care comes in.


As it sounds, in home care provides senior care in a senior's home. The care may range from light housekeeping and laundry to meal preparation, transportation, and personal care. Unlike nursing homes, not every in home care agency can provide medical care. Comfort Keepers makes every effort to meet all the needs of the seniors we work with, but due to state and city restrictions you may want to contact your local office to check whether they offer all the services your loved one needs.


In home care is the ultimate in private care. Nursing homes are run with schedules, rosters, bells, alarms, and routines. While this is great for patient safety, it does not provide for individual freedom, comfort, or choice. Most seniors in nursing homes have lost much of their memory, cognition, and functioning, so these may not be the highest items on their wish list, but for seniors who are still able to enjoy the finer points of life, the comfort of home cannot be beaten.


In addition to setting one's own schedule, choosing personalized meals, and selecting your own entertainment, in home care providers also focus strictly on the senior and not on a client list or rotation schedule. This equates to more time with the senior and a greatly increased quality of care.


In home care eliminates the stress of moving, the need to downsize a lifetime of memories, and allows a senior to maximize their independence instead of becoming more dependent. There are times when a nursing home is the right choice for a senior, but if your loved one is still able to express their desire to remain at home, then home care can greatly enhance their quality of life. 

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