Respite Care In La Mesa, CA

Find out how respite care in La Mesa, CA can provide a needed break for family caregivers.

There are many reasons a senior loved one may require support. In many cases, family members rally around them to provide the needed care. When short-term or simple support turns into long-term, complex, or physically intensive care, family members can easily become overwhelmed. In fact, it is not uncommon for family caregivers to lose track of their own personal lives in the process.

According to the AARP, caregiving is "enormously rewarding — but it can be physically and emotionally draining as well." In fact, three out of four family caregivers experience declines in their physical and emotional health with caregivers being more than two times as likely to suffer from chronic illness or clinical depression than non-caregivers.

In order to enjoy the benefits of caregiving while minimizing the negative downsides, caregivers must learn to balance their caregiving responsibilities and their personal time. For most caregivers, this is an incredible challenge as they are often in a one-deep position. If they don't provide the necessary care, who will? Thankfully, this is where respite care can make a world of difference.

Learn About Respite Care

Respite care is a specific type of care. It is designed to give family caregivers the opportunity to take time off while providing the peace of mind that only comes from knowing their senior loved one is receiving the best possible care and support. With Comfort Keepers, there are no specific reasons required for respite services – the break can be taken for almost anything: doctor's appointments, running errands, meeting up with friends, taking a short vacation, or simply catching up on sleep.

By definition, respite care is short-term and typically lasts from an hour or two up to a week. The purpose is not to shift care responsibilities, but to provide the caregiver with an opportunity to take care of personal business, refresh their physical, emotional, and mental states, and get their life balance back in order.

With Comfort Keepers, respite services can be utilized in both planned and emergency scenarios. As such, it is important to have a plan in place and have discussed respite care with the senior in advance. By including a senior loved one in the discussion, stress and anxiety are lessened and self-worth and dignity are increased as the senior's wishes are addressed in the process. Further, it allows an opportunity for questions and concerns to be addressed and specific requests to be considered.

In short, many family caregivers want to take care of their senior loved ones, but the care often becomes more than they can handle, especially when it is performed without a break. Respite services provide the means for them to take necessary breaks while still ensuring their loved one receives the best care and support they deserve.

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