End Of Life Care In La Mesa, CA

Learn how end of life care in La Mesa, CA provides crucial support to seniors and their families.

Some people approach the end of their life with peace or even joy while others experience pain, anxiety, and trepidation. While one senior sees death as a happy transition from one realm of existence into another, others face their end with questions and fear. Despite the differences in end of life situations, one thing remains common as people approach the end of their life: the desire to die with dignity.

Comfort Keepers End of Life Care for La Mesa, CA

End of life care, or hospice, is a team approach to helping seniors maintain as much freedom, independence, and dignity as possible while maximizing their quality of life. Hospice services are available once a senior reaches their expected final six months of life and all curative treatments have ceased.

The primary focus of this care is increasing a senior's level of communication with family, medical, and non-medical personnel; reducing pain and discomfort; and provide social, emotional, and daily living support.

Comfort Keepers provides non-medical end of life care, including:

Daily living support. Seniors who are facing their end of life do not typically have the strength or ability to perform daily living tasks such as housekeeping and laundry. They may also need assistance with meal preparation, running errands, etc. Even when family caregivers are available, Comfort Keepers care providers are able to perform many of these tasks, so family members can focus their attention on their loved one instead of chores.

Personal Care. Just because a senior is facing their final days does not mean they do not want to look and feel their best. Comfort Keepers in-home caregivers provide many personal care supports for this very reason, including bathing, grooming, and dressing support. Seniors may also need help eating, toileting, or taking care of personal hygiene. This is also part of Comfort Keepers end of life support.

Companionship. Seniors and their family members feel the stress of dying. Caregivers often help relieve this stress by providing a compassionate ear, a loving shoulder, or a helpful hand. Seniors may want somebody to watch television with, to read them a book, or to show them pictures of their loved ones. Care providers are there to ensure nobody must go through the process of dying alone.

End of life care is an essential component of dying with dignity. To find out more about how Comfort Keepers can support you and your loved one during this difficult time, contact a senior care coordinator today.

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