End Of Life Care In La Jolla, CA

Supportive end of life care for seniors in La Jolla, CA and their families.

When you learn that your senior loved one has little time left, you may feel overwhelmed and in need of some assistance. End of life care services were designed to help family members of older adults with a limited life expectancy make the most out of their last days, weeks, and months with their loved one. Our compassionate caregivers or Comfort Keepers can reduce the difficulty of this emotional and stressful time.

End of Life Care in La Jolla, CA

The goal of end of life care is to prevent or relieve the amount of suffering a loved one who is dying experiences. At Comfort Keepers, our end of life care services strive to improve the quality of life for these individuals as well as their families while respecting the wishes of the individual who is in the last moments of life.

A Comfort Keeper can perform a variety of tasks that include laundry, light housekeeping, toileting and incontinence care, medication pickup, grocery shopping, meal preparation, feeding and mobility assistance, mail collection, and any other household chores or personal care tasks. He or she will meet with you and your family to develop an individualized care plan that makes sense for the particular needs of your senior and family members. Often times, we will work with a hospice agency as well as medical providers to make sure your senior is receiving the right type of care for a peaceful and dignified passing.

Since you will likely be emotional and stressed, it will be comforting to know that your senior’s house will be cleaned and cared for, especially if visitors arrive. It will also be nice to have meals prepared for you so that you don’t have to worry about finding the time to leave your loved one to feed yourself and your family.

You may also find value in end of life services once your senior passes away. A Comfort Keeper can support you through the grieving process and assist with burial plans as well as organizing and moving your elder’s belongings. Many families find this type of help incredibly useful in the midst of all of the chaos and sadness.

The expected passing of a loved one can be one of the most difficult aspects of life. However, end of life services can help you and your family feel prepared and supported during this challenging time. Contact Comfort Keepers today for further details on our end of life care services.


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