Why You Should Choose In Home Care In Kensington, CA

Learn why in home care is a good choice for you and your loved ones in Kensington, CA

In the days of yore, doctors routinely made rounds to the homes of their clients. These house calls did not just provide needed medical services, but they gave the doctors a glimpse into the lives of their patients. This first-hand knowledge allowed them to better serve and personalize the services they provided. For the patient, being at home allowed people to carry on with and be a part of normal daily activities. This kept those receiving care socially active while giving them a sense of purpose and a reason to heal. Today, the AARP estimates that nearly 95 percent of seniors want to remain in their homes until the end and do not want to be moved into an assisted living facility or nursing home.

This is not to say that nursing homes and assisted living facilities are poor choices for all seniors, but for years many seniors did not even know they had a choice. With Comfort Keepers in home care services, they do.

The Case for In Home Care

One reason many families look to assisted living and nursing homes is that they do not have the time, training, energy, or know-how to care for their senior loved one. This is especially true after a hospitalization or worsening of a progressive illness. The senior requires assistance and the family has an inadequate understanding of the senior's needs to safely and effectively provide care.

In these circumstances, what caregivers do not understand is the overall cost of the move. According to the Journal of Public Health, one of the biggest costs associated with institutional care is not financial, but, rather, the psychological impact a move to an assisted living community or nursing home can have on the senior. "[The senior] feels wanted at home, among familiar surroundings, but may feel abandoned, among strangers, dumped out of sight by an uncaring and ungrateful relative." On the other side of the coin, according to the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society, in home care actually decreases costs, not just financially, but it also improves overall health outcomes, reduces the occurrences of hospital readmissions, and lowers the risk of infections and secondary illnesses which are often worse than the condition for which the senior was originally treated.

Comfort Keepers in home care provides the means for seniors to safely remain in their home. From short-term care helping a senior recover from a sudden illness, injury, or medical procedure to long-term care addressing chronic pain, loss of mobility, or even progressive or degenerative diseases, Comfort Keepers can create a unique and personalized care plan designed to maximize a senior's independence and safety while increasing their overall quality of life.

In short, family members often do not have the ability to provide the necessary care seniors require as they age, get injured, or fall ill. Seniors want to age in place and do not want to be moved into institutionalized care despite the challenges they may face. Comfort Keepers in home care supports is the answer for both of them.

For more information on the ways Comfort Keepers can help your senior loved one remain safe and independent while enjoying a high-quality life in the comfort of their own home, contact a senior care coordinator today. 

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