Benefits of Being a Caregiver in Kensington, CA


Learn about the physical, mental, and social benefits of being a caregiver


There are many challenges that come from being a caregiver, but a survey conducted by the National Opinion Research Center found that the vast majority (83 percent) of family care providers viewed their experience as positive. This really should not come as a surprise, since being a care provider comes with a plethora of benefits.


Positive Effects of Being a Caregiver


The most obvious benefit of caregiving is knowing that you are making a difference. Many people go through life wondering if their life has value. A senior care provider will never have to ask that question. Not only do caregivers provide the support that a senior needs to remain safe and independent, they provide the emotional support necessary for seniors to live a joyful and high-quality life.


Caregivers also provide numerous health benefits to the seniors for whom they care. Not only do seniors who receive home health care recover faster from illness and injury, but they also end up in the hospital less frequently and have a significantly less chance of contracting infections. What many care providers do not realize is that the process of caregiving has many positive health benefits for them as well. Caregiving is a highly physical life that keeps one active and on their feet. While a positive care-life balance is important to avoid fatigue, the challenges of caregiving have been shown to increase a caregiver's physical capacity over non-caregivers. Caregiving also requires constant vigilance and acute decision-making skills. As a result, care providers often maintain strong memory capacity and avoid age-related ailments such as cognitive decline.


Caregivers also set a positive example for their own families. As they themselves age and require assistance, those who have provided help to another hope that their families will show them the same grace and courtesy. Statistically, those with spouses and children actually do reap these rewards. For those living alone, it may not be a family caregiver that provides the support but a professional one. Either way, the compassion that was shown has a way to come back around.


Being a caregiver is hard work, but it comes with a world of rewards. Those compassionate souls who undertake this honored role should understand that they do not need to do so alone. Support, assistance, and guidance are always just a phone call away. From caregivers who will share the tasks on a regular basis to those who will cover all the bases while a family caregiver is away on a respite, Comfort Keepers caregivers are ready to join you in your labor of love. 

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