Transitioning Home With In Home Supportive Services In Downtown San Diego, CA

Find out how the in home supportive services provided through transitional care ease the return home for seniors in Downtown San Diego, CA.

The most challenging part of an injury or illness is not always the time spent in the hospital. In fact, the days, weeks, or months after discharge are often difficult for many seniors. From new routines and regimens to pain management and impaired mobility, transitioning home from the hospital is not always the blessing it is meant to be.

Because of their limitations after discharge, many seniors find it difficult to keep up with their housekeeping or even perform many personal in home supportive services. While some seniors have family members who can help them in these areas, most do not have the support network they need to safely and effectively recover at home. This is one of the primary reasons seniors are "54 percent more likely to be readmitted to the hospital compared to patients younger than 65 years," according to a Northwestern Medicine study.

How Do In Home Supportive Services Help Seniors Not Return to the Hospital in Downtown San Diego, CA?

Comfort Keepers transitioning in home supportive services are designed to help seniors safely and effectively recover in the comfort and familiarity of their own home. From personal hygiene and dressing to transferring and positioning, toileting, grocery shopping, and meal preparation, transitioning home care enables seniors to recover in their own residence instead of a nursing home or convalescent facility.

With Comfort Keepers transitioning home care, a caregiving can pick up prescriptions, oversee medication management, and provide transportation to follow-up doctor’s appointments and physical, occupational, or speech therapy visits. Caregivers also make sure seniors have access to an appropriate diet, socialization, and emotional support.

Seniors without adequate follow-up care often have missed medications, improper wound care, and miss their follow-up appointments. In many cases, they end up right back in the hospital. With Comfort Keepers transitioning home care, seniors significantly reduce the likelihood of hospital readmissions related to issues that could have been easily prevented due to the assistance of in home supportive services.

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