Interactive Caregiving & Senior Living In Downtown San Diego, CA

Learn how our Interactive Caregiving positively impacts senior living in Downtown San Diego, CA.

Many seniors have trouble with daily living activities. They may have difficulty dressing or grooming themselves, or their hygiene may be lacking. Others may be becoming more forgetful or have difficulty bending, lifting, or simply getting around. In-home care and senior living support can help with these struggles and many others, such as medication management, running errands, preparing meals, and so forth. While these supports are helpful, they often do not completely address the entirety of a senior's needs.

How Does Interactive Caregiving Improve Senior Living In Downtown San Diego, CA?

Interactive caregiving is Comfort Keepers trademarked model of senior care. In its most basic form, interactive caregiving takes a caregiver's focus off physical assistance and places it on the senior receiving their support. Designed to improve a senior living while maximizing their independence, self-esteem, and dignity; interactive caregiving helps caregivers draw seniors into their own care through meaningful social, emotional, and cognitive interaction.

Interactive Caregiving ensures a senior's care is personalized and meets their individual and unique needs in a way that is meaningful to them. To accomplish this, caregivers take the time to learn about a senior's likes, dislikes, passions, and ways that they like things done. Further, they find out what makes a senior smile, laugh, or be filled with joy. Then, they incorporate this information into the way they approach every task.

Through interactive caregiving, caregivers draw seniors into their own care, but they also talk, play games, go for a walk, scrapbook, etc. By addressing the needs of the whole person in ways that are meaningful to the senior, interactive caregiving helps seniors avoid isolation, improve memory, increase cognition, and have fun.

In short, Comfort Keepers interactive caregiving model has caregivers go beyond performing tasks to address the interpersonal components of senior living.  For more information about the many ways Comfort Keepers Interactive Caregiving model can enhance your senior loved one's life, improve their freedom and independence, and improve their overall well-being, contact a senior care coordinator today.

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