24 Hour Home Care In Downtown San Diego, CA

Learn why 24 hour home care can be the perfect solution for seniors in Downtown San Diego, CA who need of a greater level of care

Many seniors require in-home care to remain independent during their elder years. What happens, however, if the senior's condition deteriorates to the point where standard supports are not enough? Consider late-stage Alzheimer's or Parkinson's disease, recovery from a stroke, or a senior who is bed-ridden after an accident, illness, or medical procedure.

In these cases, seniors may require round-the-clock care to remain safe and maintain a high quality of life. Thankfully, Comfort Keepers offers 24 hour home care, and they even specialize in the conditions that most frequently lead to it.

When To Use 24 Hour Home Care In Downtown San Diego, CA

With 24 hour care, seniors who cannot move themselves to use the toilet or prevent pressure sores receive the support they need. Caregivers also help increase safety in the home, prepare meals, and run errands. They can also go shopping, help with medication management, and perform a plethora of other non-medical supports.

When family members provide most of the care, Comfort Keepers offers respite services which include 24 hour care. This means family caregivers can take time off to recuperate, refresh themselves, and become reinvigorated while having the peace of mind that comes from knowing their senior loved one is receiving the round-the-clock care and support they need.

With Comfort Keepers, 24 hour care is performed in rotating shifts of six to eight hours. This means that your senior loved one receives constant, overlapping support; but you do not have to worry about providing a bedroom or meals for the caregivers. Best of all, caregivers are always fresh and alert so there is always somebody ready to interact with your loved one at any time of the day or night.

In short, if your senior loved one requires 24 hour home care, Comfort Keepers has caregivers ready to accommodate their needs. For more information about the many ways caregivers can enhance your loved one's quality of life, contact a senior care coordinator today. 

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