In Home Care and Companionship for Del Mar, CA Seniors


Learn how the companionship provided by our in home care can help seniors live a quality life.


When a senior loses their spouse, friends, family members, or other loved ones, it is not uncommon for them to withdraw socially. They may lose interest in things that were once important to them or that once held great interest. They may even stop leaving the house.


There is nothing wrong with being alone to grieve or mourn, but being isolated for an extended period can take its toll on a person's physical and mental health. Many studies show the relationship between a lack of socialization and decreased health and happiness. Sadly, many family members who would like to be there to cheer up their senior loved one and spend time with them simply can't. This is where Comfort Keepers companion care comes in.


In Home Care and Companionship Benefits for Seniors in Del Mar, CA


Comfort Keepers companion care pairs seniors with skilled caregivers who share their interests. Most caregivers also provide in-home care to help seniors accomplish daily living tasks or personal care needs. The difference between companion care and many traditional in-home care options is one word: relationship. With Comfort Keepers companion care, caregivers take the time to get to know the senior, develop a relationship with them, and engage with them in meaningful social, emotional, and cognitive activities that match the senior's personality and interest.


For some seniors, companionship may include exercising or going for walks. Others may want to scrapbook or take in a movie. Others still may enjoy visiting museums, shopping, or simply playing some cards.


Since Comfort Keepers caregivers are members of the local community themselves, they often know of places, events, and opportunities for socialization. Further, since they work with seniors on a regular basis, they may also have information on discounts, special shopping days, and other exclusive senior benefits around town.


For more information about the many ways Comfort Keepers companion care can help your senior loved one avoid loneliness and get the most out of their elder years, contact an in-home care coordinator today. 

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